Colette, French Connection and Caliente Resorts are teaming up to provide you with a one of a kind resort experience. Truly one of the most beautiful lifestyle resorts in the world, Caliente Caribe is now adding the world re nown on premise club colette to it's property in the Dominican Republic.

This place is beautiful! And while the photos give you a glimpse of what to expect, the place is so much better in person. Come see for yourselves!

The resort is divided into two main areas... the Seacliff rooms and studios which are located at the highest point of the resort, overlooking the lower pool area and villas with spectacular ocean views. These rooms are much larger than what you are used to and every room has a great view. Also located on the upper level is the main lobby & restaurant, the upper pool and jaccuzzi and a pool bar. This area is also home to the Spa, a gift shop, an area for nightly entertainment and the gym.

Located below is a tropical paradise that includes a large sandy beach, one and two bedroom Villas, another restaurant and bar, the lower pool and jacuzzi and a dedicated pool just for water volleyball. There is a sports desk, where you can check out snorkel equipment, get beach towels or get a volleyball. This is where most of the action is during the day and where most people hang out.The oceanfront Jacuzzi is a great spot to watch the stars at night.

Colette is a brand new addition to Caliente Caribe. From the people that brought you Colette in New Orleans, Colette Caribe is the 1st on-premise, lifestyle club that we've ever seen at a resort. We've seen places that use a standard room or set aside a small area that hardly no one ever uses, but this is taking lifestyle vacations to a new level. It's like having everything in one place: a beautiful tropical resort and a classy, upscale nightclub with lots of great areas to play.

Colette is situated on a cliff overlooking the resort just a short walk from any villa or a quick shuttle ride away from the main lobby. Upon entering, you will immediately be impressed with the impressive main Lounge that has soaring 18' ceilings and a striking 6' black chandelier. The main wall is covered in rich, red velvet and most of the walls showcase beautiful original erotic artwork. There are plenty of seating options including lots of modern black leather club furniture. At the apex of the main Lounge is the DJ booth playing hip and sexy mixes for all ages. There is a smaller, quieter Lounge with sweeping round couches for a more intimate feel, located conveniently near the all inclusive bar.

If you are looking for somewhere to play, there are many options. Just off the entrance is a private room with bronze walls, animal prints and silky gold swags. This is a great option for those looking for more privacy. The complete opposite side of the club showcases a completely different option, the Voyeur room. Couples inside this room will find a 9' round bed up on a platform. While in this room, you will be surrounded by mirrors, but walk outside and all these mirrors are one way, meaning that people can look, and see what is going on, but those inside will only see themselves in the mirrors. A great place for exhibitionists.

There is also a beautiful Tantra room that had lots of mattresses for those looking for a large group area. This room is painted in a rich, royal blue color and the ceiling is accented with lots of lengths of golden material. Ancient Tantra Art, a beauitiful wall hanging and some custom pillows finish off the room.

Finally, there is our favorite playroom, located in a completely separate building. Head out back and pass by the pool to see the final option for those feeling a little frisky: the Semi-Private room. This room has three king beds, each one divided by sets of sheer curtains. The walls are painted a deep red color with shimmery blue silk accents and sheer curtains. Couples can close the curtains for more privacy or leave them open for less. There are plenty of seating across from beds to give people the perfect view while remaining detached from the actual activities.

So you can see, Colette is a great new addition to this already striking resort, giving couples the ultimate in choices and options while away from home. So book one of the Villas or Seacliff rooms today and join us for one of the following weeks that have been especially set aside as a "Lifestyle Week"